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Autodesk inventor 2018 tips and tricks free.Engineer’s Handbook

By admin
11 Jan 2023
admin 11 Jan 2023
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Autodesk inventor 2018 tips and tricks free

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Following the built-in learning path through the first and second weeks helped me enormously in establishing a foundation to learning. For anyone with experience in CAD looking to learn Inventor, some of the learning path may seem slow going — I know it did at times for me. However, I kept myself on track to make sure I got through everything and found that even the repetitive and slow-moving sections simply solidified my foundation in Inventor.

Halfway through the trial, I finished the learning paths in Inventor and went out on my own on a few projects I wanted to create. While the learning path was instrumental in my learning, I had the most fun and probably learned the most when I set off on my own and ventured into design spaces where I had very little idea of what I was doing. I had to refer to the online community and various other resources to figure out how to do many tasks.

One thing I was impressed with was just how many resources there are out there for someone learning, whether it be from Autodesk themselves or a third party. Finishing up the trial, I have built significant confidence in my ability to design with Inventor.

I feel like if I was given a task to design something, I could probably get it done. It might take me days or weeks , but I could do it. Ultimately, practice makes perfect. My goal in leaving you with trial feedback is to provide you with an honest opinion of how the trial went from someone just learning Inventor. Downloading the trial was simpler than I thought, even with a few hiccups in the installation process.

I found out quickly that the online communities would be my support throughout the trial. Following along with the learning track was a good idea for me, but it took some personal drive to keep at it. For someone just wanting to learn Inventor, I would say give the built-in learning track a go before you start exploring other tutorial options.

If there was one thing I would want more of, it would be more emails about the trial. The first is clicking on the pull down menu then selecting the command. These tell me the depth of my extrusion and the size of my fillet.

A good practice is to always fully constrain your sketches. If you are ever in this situation, go into the sketch and you can toggle your degrees of freedom by clicking on the icon in the status bar.

In my screenshot, you can see the red arrows indicating the degrees of freedom in my sketch. Click again to hide the degrees of freedom.

Similar to the previous tip, you should almost always full constrain your assemblies. An exception might by something like a screw or bolt.

If you turn this option on, you will see green arrows indicating the degrees of freedom for a component. I am not getting any younger so my eyes deteriorate just a little every day. Hopefully your vision is better than mine. If not, you may want to use a larger Annotation Scale in Inventor. This sets the size of dimension text, arrowheads and other symbols. The default value is 1, but the scale can be set from 0. Look how big the dimensions and the UCS are when the scale is set to 5!!

It makes me feel like I am using binoculars! This option will display the components that are related to a constraint!

By default Inventor displays the value only for dimensions. If you are getting the most out of parameters in Inventor, there will be occasions when you will need to see more than just the value of a dimension.

What if there is a relationship with another dimension? Well, turn on Dimension Display!



Autodesk inventor 2018 tips and tricks free.A Newbie’s Experience with the Inventor Free Trial: Final Thoughts – Inventor Official Blog

Post your ideas, see what your peers are thinking, and give kudos to the ideas you like the best. Need an account? Do you remember the Inventor learning path from the home Online Help Start with online help. Network license manager supports Windows Server End, mid, and center points are used to associatively position components.❿